Extended Session High/Low

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This script automatically draws the high/low of after hours and pre-market
הערות שחרור: Extended the line drawn to be clearly visible during market hours
הערות שחרור: You can now input your favorite time where to end looking for a high/low (e.g. ending hour = 10 and ending hour = 30 will mark the high/low until 10:30AM). Default value is ending hour = 9 and ending hour = 30 (9:30AM).
הערות שחרור: Cleaned code
הערות שחרור: Added the possibility to visualize the past and, so, to backtest it more easily. Just unflag the "last only" option and enjoy it!
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Good work Roberto. Is it possible to re add start time so it can be used for futures contracts too since they have different ETH hours? Thanks!
Nice work! Any way to add a option to include the premarket opening price (voodoo line)

Thanks a lot Roberto. Is it possible to re adjust this script in order to see only premarket levels or even add them to this script? Thanks!
FourC StanMils
@StanMils, i have adjusted this script for myself and shared it. it may have what you're looking for
@FourC, Great work!
FourC freedom_trader_
@freedom_trader_, i am only capable of tweaking existing code and this was what i was looking for. many thanks for your work!
@FourC, Cool. Glad to be have helped!
@FourC, Nice!!! Thanks a lot!!
@StanMils, It seems like you got your answer!
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