NEXT Stochastic 3xVW (Triple Volume Weighted)


This responsive version of the Stochastic oscillator modifies and extends the original to incorporate volume. It does so on 2 levels: by using Volume-Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) as input and applying a triple volume weighting filter within the internal algorithm, intelligently blending volume with what is otherwise pure momentum/distribution analysis. The result is more binary-like curve behavior (%K and %D oscillator lines), whose polarizing movement acts as both a signal and filter.

Below is a screenshot comparing NEXT Stochastic 3xVW with default settings to the original Stochastic oscillator on NQ1! M1 chart.

Application and Strategy Ideas:

NEXT Stochastic 3xVW is intended to be used like the original Stochastic oscillator within the context of technical analysis: identifying overvalued (above upper limit) and undervalued (below lower limit) price action, as well as establishing a bias baseline (bullish if over 50; bearish if under 50). Higher NEXT Stochastic 3xVW bottoms compared to lower price bottoms signify bullish divergence; lower NEXT Stochastic 3xVW tops compared to higher price tops signify bearish divergence. Trading %K/%D line crossing is also a popular strategy, with %K crossing over %D indicating bullish sentiment and %K crossing under %D indicating bearish sentiment.

Below is a screenshot showing NEXT Stochastic 3xVW overbought/oversold intraday strategy on SPY M1 chart. NEXT Stochastic 3xVW is set to 5,10,1,3 with long signal issued at lower limit of 30 and short at upper limit of 70.

Input Parameters:

VWMA Length - controls the averaging length of the volume-weighted moving average (based on close price and volume); used as Stochastic input

%K Length- volume-driven averaging length of the %K oscillator line - this is the faster of the two Stochastic lines

%K Smoothing - volume-driven smoothing factor of the %K line

%D Smoothing - volume-driven averaging length of the %D oscillator line (a %K derivative, post smoothing) - this is the slower of the two Stochastic lines

Upper Limit - the NEXT Stochastic 3xVW level above which market is considered overbought, default is 80

Base Bias - the NEXT Stochastic 3xVW level above which market bias is considered bullish, and below bearish

Lower Limit - the NEXT Stochastic 3xVW level below which market is considered oversold, default is 20

Signals and Alerts:

Discover and visualize NEXT Stochastic 3xVW strategies using the companion NEXT Strategy Visualizer indicator. While the %K/%D cross alerts can be set via NEXT Stochastic 3xVW indicator, the Strategy Visualizer will only plot long/short signals when %K or %D cross over or under overbought/oversold levels (as hown in the above SPY M1 screenshot). That being said, the next version of the Strategy Visualizer will also support %K/%D crosses.

Here is how to set NEXT Stochastic 3xVW %K/%D crossing alerts: open a chart, attach NEXT Stochastic 3xVW, and right-click on chart -> Add Alert. Condition: Next Stochastic >> %K >> Crossing >> Next Stochastic >> %D

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