This is a redesign of the SuperTrend indicator. It removes stupid transitions between SuperTrend states and highlights initial points for both lines.

SuperTrend is a moving stop and reversal line based on the volatility (ATR).
הערות שחרור:
  • Modified initial algorithm
הערות שחרור:
  • Added Buy/Sell alerts
  • Added Buy/Sell labels
הערות שחרור:
  • Fix erratum
הערות שחרור:
  • Converted to Pine V4
  • Added an option to take candle wicks into account

From now, with checked "Take Wicks into Account" option the SuperTrend will respond more clearly than default one:
הערות שחרור:
  • Added long/short state highlighting
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Great work. can these do you have any script to use these buy/sell alerts in scanner?(Amibroker)
Good day sir

I need help from a good heart trader , the super trend are awesome,perfect indicator with combination other technical and fundamental bless thank you for the author who made it. however i need some help guys , how to set the exact percentage position OR amount for TRAILING STOP on my ETORO ACCOUNT that coincide or same when hit the SELL posistion on using the supertrend.

Thanks advance , and happy trade hunting ;)
great indicator! How come there are multiple buy's to select from when creating an alert?
everget elitesurfer86
@elitesurfer86, Hi, explain in more detail please, via private messages
very good.
when to take buy-sell entry ?
next cand;e or singled candle close?
+1 השב
everget sAnjutrade258
@sAnjutrade258, "Take Wicks into account ?" ON and cross on the current candle
Hi @everget , i want to devlope from you a exit signal in this supertrend indicator
Please let me know the possiblity
everget Shyam956
@Shyam956, you can ask questions
@everget, hi
My quation is
I need a exit indicator in this super trend
Can you develop for me ???
Please tell me the possibility and charges amount in my mail
everget Shyam956
@Shyam956, shoot me a private message please
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