Cosmic Channel Lite

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Cosmic Channel Lite (CC Lite) draws dynamic non-repainting trendlines and helps

⭐ know when a breakout is about to begin
⭐ predict the position and timing of the next swing reversal
⭐ predict sudden changes in volatility
⭐ recognize whether the price is in bearish or bullish territory


Cosmic Channel Lite draws a dynamic channel consisting of a support line, basis line and resistance line. These are calculated by applying the Reduced Median Method to groups of moving averages of different type over several periods each, effectively taking 20 data points and reducing them to 3. In between, 6 internal levels are left to give context inside the channel with stable levels, the extremes of which help highlight the SR lines (see chart). The basis line color is determined by its smoothed angle with positive angles in green and negative in purple. The aim of this indicator is to provide a consistent and generic price context that works out-of-the-box and accordingly the settings have been stripped to the bare minimum with no need to continually adjust them.


The Cosmic Channel Lite plots are meant to be used as a guide for entering and exiting positions and setting stop-loss and take profit levels. The indicator is deemed effective for any particular timeframe as long as the price stays within the maximum bounds of the indicator's plots. For this reason it is recommended to use Cosmic Channel Lite in a multi-chart layout where each chart has a different timeframe. The 5 primary strategies are:

  • long when the price reverses off of the support line and short when the price reverses off of the resistance line
  • long when the support line is highlighted and short when the resistance line is highlighted
  • long when the price breaks above the resistance line and short when the price breaks below the support line
  • long when the price moves above the basis line after being below it for a prolonged period and visa-versa (short when the price moves below the basis line)
  • long/short in the direction the price takes after a stable level ends


Get notified at the most critical times by settings just one alert. Simply select CC Lite and Any alert() function call as the conditions when creating an alert and you will be tipped-off on bar-close as follows:

  • R─ (resistance line is highlighted)
  • S─ (support line is highlighted)

For example, an alert such as CC Lite 6h R─ would mean that during the last 6-hour bar the resistance line has been highlighted. The highlight lasts at least 15 bars from the first highlight bar regardless of price action.
הערות שחרור:
  • replaced level fill with lines
  • levels now appear sooner

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