90 Minute Cycles + MTF

Credit goes to LuxAlgo for the inspiration from 'Sessions' which allowed users to analyse specific price movements within a user defined period with tools such as trendline, mean and vwap.



Enable Session: Allows to enable or disable all associated elements with a specific user set session.
Session Time: Opening and closing times of the user set session in the hh:mm format.
Range: Highlights the associated session range on the chart.

Ranges Settings

Range Area colour: Set each range to a specific colour.
Range Label: Shows the session label at the mid-point of the session interval.


By breaking 24hrs in quarters, starting with an Asian range of 18:00 NY time you can visualise the principles of Accumulation, Manipulation, Distribution and Rebalance. Know as AMD or PO3 (Power of Three), the principle is that the Manipulation phase will break above or below the Accumulation, before moving in an apposing direction and then rebalancing. This only works when there is a higher timeframe PD array or liquidity to support an apposing move.

Further to the daily quarters, each one can then be broken down again into 90min cycles. Again, each represents AMD, allowing the user an opportunity to watch for reversals during the 90min manipulation phase.

Note: Ensure the Asian Cycle always begins at 18:00 NY time.

The example shows that the 90min cycle occurs, followed by an apposing move away in price action

Here is the Daily cycle, highlighting the Manipulation phase.


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