Volume [Educational]

Hello All,

This is an educational work and it's developed to show how to write scripts that will work like built-in volume indicator.

We have new features in Pine Script™ Language, such chart.bg_color, chart.fg_color, chart.left_visible_bar_time, chart.right_visible_bar_time and many more. Many Thanks to Tradingview and Pine Team for such great additions!
You can find more information about these new functions here.

How the script works?
- At the first step it calculates how many visible bar on the chart by using chart.right_visible_bar_time and chart.left_visible_bar_time functions.
- Calculates the zero line for the volume
- Finds maximum volume on visible area and normalize all volume values
- Draws volume bars
- Shows volume info as indicator value. in this step it uses chart.fg_color and plotarrow() commands to show the values in optimum color.

In order to place the indicator at the bottom of the chart, Please set Bottom Margin = 0 as shown in the following screenshot:

You can change the volume bar colors optionally.

An Example screenshot with different volume bar colors:


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