Multi-Functional Fisher Transform MTF with MACDL TRIGGER

What this indicator gives you is a true signal when price is exhausted and ready for a fast turnaround. Fisher Transform is set for multi-time frame and also allows the user to change the length. This way a user can compare two or more time spans and lengths to look for these MACDL divergent triggers after a Fisher exhaustion. With so many indicators, it's probably best to merge these indicators and change the Fisher and Trigger colors so you can still have a look at price action (remember to scale right after merger). I've noticed from time to time when you have Fisher 34 100 and 300 up and running on two different time frames such as 5 and 15 min charts, with MACDL triggers on the 100/300 or 34/100 you get a high probability trade trigger. However, there are rare exceptions such as when price moves in a parabolic state up or down for a long period where this indication does not work. Ideally this indicator works best in a sideways market or slow rising/descending moving market.

This indicator was worked on by Glaz, nmike and myself
LazyBear also introduced the MACDL indicator
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study(title="Fisher Transform MTF", shorttitle="Fisher MTF")
//Both fisher and macdl MTF
resCustom = input(title="Timeframe", type=resolution, defval="60" )
shortLength = input(12, title="Fast Length")
longLength = input(26, title="Slow Length")
sigLength = input(9, title="Signal Length")
ma(s,l) => ema(s,l)
sema = ma( src, shortLength )
lema = ma( src, longLength )
i1 = sema + ma( src - sema, shortLength )
i2 = lema + ma( src - lema, longLength )
macdl = i1 - i2
macdl2 = security(tickerid, resCustom,macdl)

len = input(34, minval=1, title="Fisher")
round_(val) => val > .99 ? .999 : val < -.99 ? -.999 : val
high_ = highest(hl2, len)
low_ = lowest(hl2, len)
value = round_(.66 * ((hl2 - low_) / max(high_ - low_, .001) - .5) + .67 * nz(value[1]))
fish1 = .5 * log((1 + value) / max(1 - value, .001)) + .5 * nz(fish1[1])
fish2 = security(tickerid, resCustom,fish1)

sw1=iff(fish2<-6 and macdl2>macdl2[1],1,0)
sw2=iff(fish2>6 and macdl2<macdl2[1],-1,0)

swap=final==1 or final==-1?fuchsia:green
plot(fish2, color=swap, title="Fisher",style=histogram)
hline(0, color=orange)