[RS]Shotgun Forecasts

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its a play at linear forecasting.
use replay feature to see it in action:
הערות שחרור: thx, yatrader for the improvements, added options for tweaking parameters.
other stuff: added color to the slope of the ray, and the reversal fractal conditionals.
הערות שחרור: now its possible to select number of lines to display
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hi, if you can describe a little, it would be very helpful...new in this field
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Cool! The static display belies the truism that no one knows what the next bar will do as in most cases one of those rays will be right! Seriously, thanks for all you do and share, have learned a lot from you and appreciate it.
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This is interesting; if that can be enhanced in future hope it can give the hints for the prediction <3
Good job RicardoSantos
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@RicardoSantos Recently this excellent indicator Shotgun Forecasts is not displayed in the tradingview chart and needs to be updated. Please update this amazing indicator so that we can use it again.
RicardoSantos Bahman_moradii
@Bahman_moradii, its fixed now
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@RicardoSantos Not able to add to chart . Getting error message "Something went wrong"
Thanks for the detailed analysis