Dominator Ladder Strategy

The Dominator is a technical indicator. Based on algorithm calculations, this indicator extrapolates the previous price for the next bar.
Here is how Dominator is calculated:

1. The study estimates the price projected for the next bar. The estimated price is based on the algorithm method.

2. The study extrapolates this value to find a projected price change for the next bar.

The resulting extrapolated value is shown as a histogram on a lower subgraph. By default, sections of the histogram where the extrapolated value is increasing are shown in green; sections corresponding to the decreasing value are shown in red.

Note: Value projection is purely mathematical as all calculations are based on algorithm averaging of previous values.

Note: lower subgraph it's just for you to understand and view the waves during the Strategy process Study it's not included in this strategy.

Overlay True
The strategy includes 3 different adjustable levels for the ladder , plus automatic adjustable stop loss and takes profit calculated from your average entry price after each ladder adds.

Adjustable BAcktest Window.
1 long signals
3 ladder long add signals
1 short signals
3 ladder short add signals
1 dynamic stop calculated from your average entry price
1 dynamic take profit calculated from your average entry price
הערות שחרור: 2.5x Leverage
הערות שחרור: 4 Ladder setup
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How can I get access??