MTF Trailing SL Alerts [QuantNomad]

These are alerts for my MTF Trailing SL Strategy.

Entry Long position if all 4 time-frames agree on the long signal.
Exit Long positions when at least 2 time-frames disagree on the long signals.

Entry to Short position if all 4 time-frames agree on Short signal.
Exit from Short positions when at least 2 time-frames disagree on Short signal.

Use "Once Per Bar Close" when creating alerts.

Link to the strategy:

הערות שחרור: Fixed exit_short typo
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It will work in nifty and bank nifty chart?
Thanks for doing this as promised. I have been watching your videos and they have helped me improve my understanding of Pine a lot. The good work is much appreciated.
Typo on line 96, it should be entry_exit not entry_short to trigger Short Exit alerts
makiasd makiasd
I mean exit_short lol
QuantNomad makiasd
@makiasd, thx, fixed.
I have a question, if I create an alert I get a message from tradingview that the script might repaint?
QuantNomad jos-willem
@jos-willem, yep, you receive and alert because I'm using security function for the higher timeframe. But I'm using combination of lookahead and previous valuse "". Because of this it shouldn't repaint.
Hope it works
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