TTM Squeeze

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John Carter's TTM Squeeze indicator
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// create base on
study("TTM Squeeze") 
length = input(title="Length", type=integer, defval=20, minval=0) 
bband(length, mult) =>
	sma(close, length) + mult * stdev(close, length)
keltner(length, mult) =>
	ema(close, length) + mult * ema(tr, length)

e1 = (highest(high, length) + lowest(low, length)) / 2 + sma(close, length)
osc = linreg(close - e1 / 2, length, 0)
diff = bband(length, 2) - keltner(length, 1)
osc_color = osc[1] < osc[0] ? osc[0] >= 0 ? #00ffff : #cc00cc : osc[0] >= 0 ? #009b9b : #ff9bff
mid_color = diff >= 0 ? green : red

plot(osc, color=osc_color, style=histogram, linewidth=2)
plot(0, color=mid_color, style=circles, linewidth=3)


Hi Jonh: could you please some time to explain basics readings of your indicator. I´ve seen few respected traders using it. Thank you so much before hand !!!
Cheers and great trading !!!
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I think this is the best indicator of all time. Please, do you know how to set alarm based on colours change? Thank.
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jMOR4200 inox40etoutlookit
@inox40etoutlookit, any word on this?
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Hi , can u share this indicator please? and how can I install it in tradingview? and is there a metrader 5 version? hope to hear u soon. and is this the same as john Carter TTM squeeze?
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fairly new. Can the time frame be adjusted to fit mon/wkly/dly frames? ie 20/10/5? thanks
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for those who wants alerts and MTF with no repaint
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This indicator fires when there is no squeeze, don't rely on it!
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explanation on how to use:
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dilace vacalo69
@SNOW_CITY hi there could you help me set this alert ?
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