Trigonometric On Balance Volume (OBV) Oscillator

Love volume analysis but it's hard for you to implement a simple strategy by it?
Use OBV.

Is OBV still not quite as it should be for you to get it in your trading system?
Use OBV Oscillator.

Does OBV Oscillator give you too many false signals and when you smooth it, it lags by a ton?
Then this indicator is the answer to your problem.

Introducing the Trigonometric OBV Oscillator.
The Trigonometric OBV Oscillator or "Trig OBV" for short, uses an old, but uniquely extremely reliable mathematical formula to smooth the OBV, while eliminating more than 95% of its false signals (noises) and keeping with the real direction of the trend without introducing any lags.
It is very responsive, predictive even to some degree, very reliable, and keeps you out of false trades (like false breakouts, sudden changes in the price, etc).

To go long: wait until the white line crosses up the purple line and continues in that direction.
To go short: wait until the white line crosses down the blue line and continues in that direction.

To exit, do the opposite.

Better to be used with a baseline filter such as Kaufman's moving average.

Use it and let me know what you think about it.
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Hi! Im not seeing the lines you re showing in the picture. Just the waves.

ANy idea? thanks
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@SYKZ01R, I think he included the other 'lines' just for context. The Trigonometric OBV is just the oscillator. I've been backtesting it for spotting divergences, seems to do a pretty decent job and it is easier to visualize when compared to the regular OBV.
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