Weekly Opening Gap (cryptonnnite)

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In the context of general equities, opening price that is substantially higher or lower than the previous day's closing price, usually because of some extraordinarily positive or negative news. Opening gap using as a potential target which market usually trades to.
הערות שחרור:
added ability to extend gap box to the end of the day or week
הערות שחרור:
  • Added new day opening gap
  • C.E. (Consequent Encroachment) of gaps
  • Labels
הערות שחרור:
fix: do not show labels if there are no gaps
הערות שחרור:
Added option to choose between previous day close and current open GAP and 5pm to 6pm GAP (There is a big difference between these gaps)
הערות שחרור:
  • changeable amount of nwogs
  • ability to extend previous nwogs to the end of the current day/week
  • 5pm to 6pm GAP option applicable to nwog too now
  • changeable color of C.E. line
הערות שחרור:
fixed previous nwog on 1 minute chart because of tradingview historical bar limit
הערות שחרור:
  • changeable amount of NDOGs
  • ability to extend previous NDOGs to current day
הערות שחרור:
  • fixed ndogs extension to current day
  • added ability to change label size, color and position
  • added day label for ndog and period label for nwog
  • added ability to change color of previous ndogs and nwogs
  • added ability to change C.E. line style
  • added price labels of high C.E. and low for each ndog and nwog
הערות שחרור:
  • Event Horizon Line
  • Time format
  • Show/Hide Date Label
  • Fixed error with format_time

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