Accumulation/Distribution Money Flow v1.0

This indicator is intended to measure selling and buying pressure, calculates accumulation/distribution levels and suggests current trend intensity and direction.

Core calculations are based on open source script by cI8DH which was not updated ever since 2018. Also, it implements the technique to avoid price gaps issues as described in Twiggs® Money Flow.

The indicator can plot calculated A/D line, a smoothed A/D line and another smoother derivative from the smoothed line which serves as a signal line. By implementing crossovers detection between two lines and also measuring distance between them it plots the histogram of the difference and can also color chart bars accordingly.

You can also use settings to factor in price and/or volume into calculations.

Three options for visual color representation are available.

1) Simple color bars

In this case bars are colored in red and green by default, whereas green indicates positive distance between smoothed A/D line and signal line (upward movement), and red indicated negative distance (downward movement).

2) 4-color scheme

In this case pale green and pale red colors are added, whereas pale red used when the histogram is positive and A/D + signal lines are below zero lines (start of upward movement from lower levels), and pale green is where histogram is negative and both A/D and signal lines are above zero line (start of downward movement from top levels). Bright red and green colors indicate strong movement where the position of A/D + signal lines correspond to positive and.or negative histogram values. This option allows to visually track trend intensity more precisely.

3) Gradient bars color

In this scheme the candles are colored using gradient of either red or green color depending on the intensity and direction of the trend. For that color scheme you must specify the lookback parameter indicating number of bars back to determine highest/lowest values.
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