GAP DETECTOR is an indicator displaying price gaps that have never been completely filled (only gaps >= 5 pips are considered).
Each gap is defined by two lines (the lower and upper bound of the gap), and a label giving information on its price range

length: the number of candles being considered in the indicator (max is 3000).
width: the width of the gap lines.

סקריפט קוד פתוח

ברוח TradingView אמיתית, מחבר סקריפט זה פרסם אותו עם קוד פתוח, כך שסוחרים יוכלו להבין ולאמת זאת. הידד למחבר! אתה יכול להשתמש בו בחינם, אך שימוש חוזר בקוד זה בפרסום הנו בכפוף ל כללי הבית . אתה יכול להגדירו כמועדף ולהשתמש בו בגרף.

רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?



Can you update with highlight gap as band with filled with colour green and red for more appealing.

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when i copied this to getting error as Add to Chart operation failed, reason: line 212: Could not find function or function reference

any idea why?
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Asch, love the script!....anyway to have it work so that I can run an intraday chart, like the 5 minute timeframe and see the daily gaps?
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Asch- donnycf
@donnycf, thanks for the comment. Yes it should work on any timeframe you want. Here is an example of a gap in a 5min timeframe ( ) on CHFJPY 04th May. You may have to increase the "length" parameter in order to see older gaps.
does not work properly on DXY, H1. there is gap on december 1, 2020. 91.972-91.944, but script is not showing it.
Est-il possible de s'en servir en M5 ?
Asch- HarlemXBT
@HarlemXBT, Cet indicateur fonctionne avec n'importe quelle unité de temps.
really useful , internal server study error needs to be fixed pls
Asch- ChartsMechanic
@ChartsMechanic, Thank you. Please try to lower the length parameter (For instance length = 500).
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