TKP McClellan Summation Index Stochastics Strategy

This strategy uses NYSE McClellan summation Index as an input for Stochastics to produce Buy/Sell signals. Buy signal is produced when Stochastics K Line Closes over 50, and Sell signal when closes under 50.

Info on McClellan Summation Index:

Info on Stochastics:

Simple yet effective strategy, let me know if you have any questions!
הערות שחרור: I've added two things in this update.

1. Time stamp so you can now back-test from a different start date... for example, since 2019, the strategy is 90% profitable on $TQQQ.

2. I added the ability to change the threshold on Buy/Sell crossover level.
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Nice addition to the library. Stochastics are misleading unless those using it are proficient at cycle analysis. In my opinion, TSI, True Strength Index offers far superior output. :)
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liten cooney_s
@cooney_s, Hey Cooney! Thanks for the suggestion ! this got me interested, I have a love -hate relationship with the Stochastics
My experience is that it is
- more correct going upwards than downwards
- works better in longer time frames and worse in shorter ones
sometimes it leads me astray completely
what is the advantage of the TSI over Stochastics in your opinion?
- on which timeframes do you use it and with which settings for 1 m, 3 m 1h, 4h, etc.
@liten, see private messge
This strat is only meant for daily timeframe... McClellan summation index is an EOD data point
Unsupported Resolution Error on all time frames won’t load ! Please fix buddy love your work ... Also trying to find an FSTO and nobody seems to make one with the classic defaults that Webull makes for their FSTO . It’s simple but I do not do pine script ;)
I can't see any signals on any pair
How to make it work with another resolution?
Thanks for sharing Rolando. Let me know if there's any way I can contribute/donate to you or charities you support
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