Market Profile Fixed View

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Some instruments does not provide any volume information, therefore, as a fixed volume profile user, I needed a fixed market profile indicator to use the same principles, regardless of whether the volumes are available or not.

This script draws a market profile histogram corresponding to price variations within a specific duration, you only need to specify Start and End date/time values to see the histogram on your chart.

  • Two lines corresponding to highest/lowest prices are displayed around the histogram
  • The redline corresponds to the POC (point of control)

Start calculation
End calculation
Bars number (histogram resolution, currently locked to a max value of 50 bars)
Display side/Width (allows to modify size of bars, to the left or to the right)
Bars/Borders/POC Color customization

  • This script will probably be updated (to add VAH/VAL zones, and maybe other options). However, some common market profile attributes have not been implemented yet since I don't really use them)
הערות שחרור:
New update with some new options

  • You can now use 200 bars within a market profile area
  • A Heat color feature has been added with customization params
  • A background color can be added to the MP area (enabled by default)
הערות שחרור:

the POC line can be extended to the right (disabled by default)
הערות שחרור:

Lowest price line fixed
הערות שחרור:

  • You can now enable/disable histogram, POC, high/low lines and background
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