MESA Phase [SHK]

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MESA Phase (By John Ehlers ) is a cyclic indicator that predicts market short-term and mid-term movements. It would give you clear divergence signals or you can use it as a price reversal detection indicator.

Please share us any tricks or new useful methods that you determined by using this indicator.
הערות שחרור: "Horizontal Line" Bug fixed.
הערות שחרור:
  • Source price modified.
  • Offset added to get more accurate divergence points.
הערות שחרור:
  • Bug fixes.
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I have a confusion. When you use the formulas for sine and cosine, you're using 90 and 180 degrees, whereas both the cosine and sine take radians angle as input. Can you please explain why did you use degree angles.
Also, can you please give reference to from where you have taken 0.685 constant? Thanks.
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Is there a way to also print out divergence base on this curve ? Thanks, great script.
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shayankm Docop1
@Docop1, I will add the feature on update if others ask it too
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What about Ehlers MESA momentum?
" Please share us any tricks or new useful methods that you determined by using this indicator. "

I have played with this indicator a bit and have a method that seems to work with this indicator if your are interested @shayankm .
Hi there,

I really appreciate your script. Btw I'm trying to create a signal when it crossed with ma1 of itself using pine script but I cannot, how should I do it?
Great Job !! Impressive script for trading.
shayankm jsmehra
@jsmehra, Thank you sir
I only see a straight line in purple on my screen. I don't think the code works as it should be
shayankm greywolf254
@greywolf254, I've tested it on many currencies with no problem. Which currency pair and TF do you use?
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