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Struggle to follow the trend? Need help? Don't worry, the cloud caster has your back!

The cloud caster is a unique combination of different trend confirming indicators and methodologies that will change the output when a different trend is met. You can change the slow and fast period to your likings and it will provide you with a positive or negative colour in the direction of the trend. The cloud caster can be a really useful indicator as it will also contain a dashboard that shows you the trend of different periods so that you don't need to fill your charts up with lots of noisy indicators. You can also customise the cloud caster in any way you like making it suitable for your trading style!

Traders commonly struggle with deciding what to do in the current market situation but with an extra confirmation on your side, you will never miss out on a high probability trade again! You can rely on the cloud caster to provide you with all the long-term and scalping confirmations you need in your day-to-day trading.

The cloud caster should be used as a confluence with your analysis or trading style and should not in any way shape or form be used as a indication to buy or sell just because the signal says so, it is there to give you a higher chance of having a high probability trade though past results is not indicative of future results and getting access doesn't mean you will become a millionaire in a day as it is not a get rich quick indicator so it won't guarantee 100% success.

Does it work on all assets?

Yes, this will work on all assets.

/Calculation Base -> Changes the calculation's priority onto a different moving average within the module.

/Internal Addon -> Using a price following line these are colour switchers added to the calculation module to confirm the direction of the trend or exhaustion phases.
-Strength Index

-Hide Signals (This will hide the labels from the indicator)
-Custom Colour Scheme (Toggles the colour scheme on and off)

/Colour Schemes:
-Ice and Fire
-Rhubarb and Custard
-Strawberry and Lime
-Orange and Purple
-Black and White
-Old School
-Blue and Yellow
-Green and Yellow
-Purple and Pink

/Dashboard Settings
-Show Dashboard
-No Dashboard

Dashboard X Position: (input value, changes the X position of the dashboard)
Text Colour: (color value, changes the text colour of the dashboard)

/Custom Alerts
-Buy Signals
-Sell Signals
-UpTrend Switch
-DownTrend Switch
הערות שחרור:
Fixed the internal addons being buggy.

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