Library "LibraryTimeframeHelper"
Helper functions to work with timeframes: to get the next higher TF, and to make the string pretty for use in labels. Perhaps I'll add more later.

  f_getHigherTF(): Converts the input timeframe into the next one up in the list of commonly used timeframes. NOTE: You can NOT use a TF from this function as input to a call if called from this library because it gets converted to a series (since there's nothing special about this function, I expect this probably goes for any library). However, you CAN copy the code and use it directly in your script, in which case the output is only a simple variable and thus suitable for the timeframe of a call.
    _TF (string) - The timeframe to convert.
  Returns: : A string in standard timeframe format.

  f_prettifyTF(): Converts the input timeframe from standard timeframe format to the format shown by TradingView on a chart. The output is not suitable for use as an input timeframe of a call.
    _TF (string) - The timeframe to convert.
  Returns: : A string in prettified timeframe format.

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