Hash Ribbons

Buying during Miner Capitulation yields wonderful returns.

The best buy signals occur on Hash Rate "recovery", and when price momentum is also positive.

Historically, this strategy has yielded average returns to cycle peak of >5000%, with max Drawdown of -15%.

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Oct 30
הערות שחרור: Updated shape titles.
Oct 30
הערות שחרור: Cleaned up chart/code. No technical changes.
Nov 12
הערות שחרור: More chart formatting for clarity on "light" TradingView theme.

No technical changes.
Nov 16
הערות שחרור: Release Notes: Update v1.1

  • All prior calculation logic remains unchanged.

    This Update includes:
    Fix of re-painting issue on live data. This stop false alerts before the daily bar has closed. On live data, yesterday’s Hash Rates will be used regardless of the Bitcoin ticker symbol you are looking at.
  • Addition of multi-time-frame management. This now gives you the ability to use this indicator on any time-frame (Minutely, Hourly, Daily) and always know you are looking at the Hash rate values from yesterday's close.

Nov 18
הערות שחרור: Added optional Hash Rate "Growth" Oscillator.

To use, change the indicator setting "Plot Type" to "Oscillator".

For more information, see my TradingView "Idea": "Miner Confusion? An Unusual State in Hash Rate Growth"

Nov 19
הערות שחרור: Added "Capitulation" and "Recovery" text to plot
Nov 19
הערות שחרור:
  • Added chart "alerts" for easier notification
  • Added chart shape "titles"
  • Minor chart formatting tweaks
  • No calculation changes
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GRACIAS amigo DIOS te bendiga
I didn't even know hash rate data was available in TV. Thanks for the sharing!
I agree with the below. I've seen a lot on here but this is really great, and for free, a remarkable contribution to the community. I didn't even know Quandl provided this feed. Well done and thanks.
This is very useful. Kudos.
the underlying premise to this is wonderfully simple, but almost entirely overlooked. making it truly brilliant.

your code is clean and well commented, indicating you genuinely care about making it easy for others to use this to their advantage.

and you are giving out the source readily. you are a gem, truly.
Thank you for the feedback @irsanchez! Most appreciated!!
does this work for all coins? thanks
@CarlORourke, just Bitcoin at this stage.

TradingView only has Hash Rate data for BTC at present.
CarlORourke capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, thanks, much appreciated my friend. Anything similar for forex?
@capriole_charles, thanks much for sharing your script and insights. This is innovative and trailblazing material!
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