Volume Info from Lower Time Frames

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Hello Traders,

We are now able to get info from lower time frames, Many Thanks to Pine Team.This script gets volume info from lower time frames and give alert if there is extreme volumes on last X lower time frame candles (if last X volumes are higher than volume moving average). so that if you set alerts on different securities then you will be able get alert if there is extreme volume moves and you can check the chart immediately.

The options:
Timeframe in Seconds: you can set lower time frames in seconds. by default it's 5 seconds. if you set it 60 then it will show 1min volumes, if you set it 1 then it will show 1 seconds volumes
MA Length: The script draws simple moving average using this length info. by default it's 20.
Number of Bars to Check for Alert: by default it's 5. meaning that if last 5 candles is greater than moving average and if you set alert then you get the alert "Extreme Volume"
Other options are for colors and line width.

As you can see in following example, chart time frame is 1 hour and the script shows volume info of 5 seconds candles:


הערות שחרור:
"Volume Multiplier for Alert" option added. by default it's 1.5. meaning that if the last X volumes is 1.5 times greater than volume moving average and if you set alert then you can get alert. you can set it as you wish. (X => "Number of Bars to Check to Alert)

This script must be run on realtime bars, not past bars. so if you want to test it you should test it on realtime bars.
הערות שחרור:
tooltip added for some options

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