Channels Strategy [Dimkud]

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Channels trading Strategy. Based on "Channels Strategy" by JoseMetal.

To the original strategy added additional options and filters : Static SL/TP in percents (%), time delay between orders, ATR Filter, second Keltner Channel (Multi TimeFrame).
Interface translated to English.

Were good backtest results on many crypto tokens on 15m - 45m - 1h periods.
Mostly with configuration: Keltner Channel (optimise parameters for every token) + Static SL/TP (optimise values for every token) + "Enter Condition" = "Wick out of band".
The better is to optimise paramaters separately for Short and Long trading. And run two separate bots (in settings enable only Long or only Short.)

Tested on real automated trading on few online bot platforms. (3comm, revenuebot, veles).
Later I will make tutorial how to connect strategy to these platforms or contact me if you need help.
הערות שחרור:
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Fixed multiple orders on same bar (on big pums/dumps)
- Added RSI TF filter (you can use two RSIs with different TF or settings)
- Added MFI TF filter
- Added CCI TF filter
- Updated ATR volatility filer
- Added option to Enable/Disable visualisation of TP/SL on chart

Article with main settings for this strategy is added to my site (see link below).

Tutorial: How to run a TV Strategy for Automated Cryptocurrency Trading:

Need help ? Contact me to create/modify strategy for you.
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