Auto Unlimited Fibs 1.0

JayEsq מעודכן   
Still in development, this indicator automatically draws unlimited Fibonacci Retracements so you don't have to keep manually drawing them.

Upwards moves are colored green by default and downward moves are colored red by default, idea being an upward move creates a green retracement level that may be an area to buy and vice versa for short moves. The retracements are drawn on every 3-bar swing high/low, this idea was taken from Inner Circle Trader (ICT). If the move then goes on to retrace past the 0.764 fib retracement, the move is mitigated. If a new high or low is put in the fib gets extended. The mitigation levels are customisable.

Also hides moves that are below a minimum size, as I don't like to see fibs of small moves, these are hidden based on a % of price, customisable in the script.

As the fibs get extended/mitigated and hidden you should end up with all the fibs that are still valid for a retracement.

There is a display option to draw shorter lines as things can get pretty messy with lots of fibs on one chart. Also, bigger moves have longer lines and are slightly brighter in color, shorter moves are shorter lines and duller in color.

Finally the user can customise the amount to show in each direction, so if you only want to see long moves set the Total Short Fibs To Show to 0, or choose 1 of each if you only want to see the most recent smallest fib.

הערות שחרור:
Added option to hide levels already retraced by close, makes a much cleaner chart, enabled by default
הערות שחרור:
Disabled trend lines by default
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