Fixed Quantum CDV

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We took the original script Cumulative delta volume from LonesomeTheBlue, here is the link:
To understand the CDV you can watch traders reality master class about CDV.

This indicator show the ratio of vector color and the ratio of the cumulative delta volume from vector color.

First you select a date range on the chart. Then it calculate all candles in that region. Let's say there is 3 green vectors and 3 red vectors in the region, the ratio of vector color will be 50% for bull and 50% for bear vector. As for the CDV ratio, it will measure the total CDV inside green vector and total CDV inside red vector and make a ratio. But it is a little different.

I twisted the calculation for the ratio of CDV a little bit to make it more comprehensive in the table. Since it's the ratio of the CDV for the bull candles versus the bear candles, the CDV is almost always a positive number for the bull candles and almost always a negative number for the bear candle. So I calculated the bear CDV as a positive number. Formula: Bull_CDV_ratio = Bull_CDV / (Bull_CDV + Bear_CDV), Bear_CDV_ratio = -Bear_CDV / (Bull_CDV - Bear_CDV).
Note that when the bull CDV and bear CDV are both a positive number or both a negative number, the ratio percentage can be over 100% and under 0%. It means that we expect volatility.

הערות שחרור:
I fixed the line at which you select the time. It was shifted by 1 candle.
I changed the alert message for bullish volume to bullish CDV.
הערות שחרור:
Added use low volume vector as default
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