DMI Strategy

This strategy is based on DMI indicator. It helps me to identify base or top of the script. I mostly use this script to trade in Nifty bank options, even when the signal comes in nifty . It can be used to trade in other scripts as well. Pivot points can also be used to take entry. Long entry is taken when DI+(11) goes below 10 and DI-(11) goes above 40 , whereas short entry is taken when DI-(11) goes below 10 and DI+(11) goes above 40 .
For bank nifty , I take the trade in the strike price for which the current premium is nearby 300, with the SL of 20%. If premium goes below 10% I buy one more lot to average, but exit if the premium goes below 20% of the first entry. If the trade moves in the correct direction, we need to start trailing our stoploss or exit at the pre-defined target.

Please have a look at strategy tester to back test.

סקריפט קוד פתוח

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כתב ויתור

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