Lower time frame Intrabar Candles

I was looking for an indicator to show me what a lower time frame is doing at the start, middle, and end of the candle, but I couldn't find one, hench,
I made my own using Tradingview latest capabilities to fetch a lower time frame from a higher time frame chart.
For example, if your chart is 1 hour and this indicator is set to a lower time frame of 15 minutes, then the Start, Middle, or End (Select which in settings) of the 15min candle will be displayed overlaying the 1-hour candle.
This will always show you what the lower time frame candle is currently doing without the need to open an additional lower time frame chart. How cool is that?
Remember to select a lower time frame in the settings than the chart time frame for it to work as expected.

Enjoy :)

-=== Notes ===-
* The lower time frame candles BORDER is set to WHITE by default, however, you can adjust the color of the candle (wicks, body, and border) of the 'LTF Candle' indicator inside its Settings -> Style
* Suitable for candles and designed to work in historical and real time.
* Added optional label to show lower time frame values (can be disabled via indicator settings).
* You can adjust the visuals of the chart candles at Chart Settings -> Symbol -> Body, Borders, or Wicks to visually see better the lower time frame candles.

There is also a similar concept volume-based using histogram, stay tuned.
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