MCI and VCI - Modified CCI Formulas

For private peeps only
- Takes a modified version of the CCI formula into 2 parts
VCI - Volume Channel Index (Yellow Histogram)
- Measures accurate accumulation and distribution levels and times
MCI - Modified Channel Index
- Measures (when compared to VCI ) levels where clearly buys are interested vs not interested.

- Shows buyer's are more than interested in buying, you've either hit a bottom or heavy resistance

if MCI > VCI
- Show's buyer's aren't interested and will most likely result in a dump/lower price

Great for monitoring accumulation and distribution, these auto buy and sells look for the transition points over 0, works on EVERY commodity/stock/FOREX/Crypto
Results are from trading 1 BTC x25 leveraging. Not all trades will get in if put in at limit, but it does survive with profits after the massive 0.075 fee (results shown are after fees)
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Is anyone seeing any repainting with this indicator? If so please let me know. Thought that wasn't possible in Version 3.
High key that moment when you forget to make something private *FaceSmack* ehh enjoy guys :)
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