Aerie Oscillator

The Aerie Oscillator is a next generation momentum indicator that provides clean and easy to read signals of how market momentum is shifting or is about to shift, without ever repainting! It is comprised of four lines with different sensitivities that work together to show you short and long term changes in market momentum. There are two important ways to read this indicator. Firstly, all four of these lines give crossover signals that clue you in on how exactly market momentum may be shifting. Secondly, positive and negative momentum market biases in the market are revealed if the lines are all positive or negative (above or below the zero line), and in the case of an indecisive market the lines stay near the zero line. Traders who are familiar with the MACD will find this momentum indicator to be very intuitive! The first difference between this indicator and the MACD is that it takes a lot for this indicator to give crossover signals and it monitors itself to try and avoid whipsaw signals. The second difference between this indicator and the MACD is that this indicator has much less lag than the MACD! You also have the ability to change how quickly this indicator responds in the settings. When the length is set high it focuses on longer term momentums shifts, while smaller lengths focus on shorter term momentum shifts.

This indicator operates on proprietary algorithms that carefully try to minimize reaction times and whipsaw potentials while measuring how quickly the market is fluctuating.

To start your free four day trial please see the link below to receive access and free tutorials for this indicator!
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TradingView אינה מציעה לשלם עבור סקריפט ולהשתמש בו עד ש- 100 % אתה סומך על המחבר שלו ומבין איך עובד הסקריפט. במקרים רבים ניתן למצוא למצוא חלופה טובה עם קוד פתוח בחינם ב בסקריפטי הקהילה שלנו.

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