Firefly Oscillator [LazyBear]

This is a modified version of a public Amibroker indicator, called Firefly.

I disabled the additional smoothing (you can enable it via options page) and updated the visual rendering (simple 3D look, histo, bar colors et al). Also, have added an option to show enclosing BB.

You can trade this like any other oscillator -- 80/20 OB/OS levels, divergences, ...

Here's a chart showing some possible customizations that are supported:

Do let me know what you guys think.

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// @author LazyBear 
// List of my public indicators: 
// List of my app-store indicators: 
// Original idea from a public Amibroker indicator published by @Yasu
study(title = "Firefly Oscillator [LazyBear]", shorttitle="FIREFLY_LB")
m=input(10,title= "Lookback Length", minval= 5, maxval=20)
n1=input(3, title="Signal Smoothing", minval=3, maxval=10)
as=input(false, title="Double smooth Osc")
bt=input(false, title="Use ZLEMA")
seb=input(false, title="Show Enclosing BB")
lbb=input(20, title="Enclosing BB Length")
mbb1=input(2.0, title="Enclosing BB Multiplier")
hbr=input(false, title="Highlight Breaches")
ebc=input(false, title="Enable bar colors")
calc_zlema(src, length) =>
	ema1=ema(src, length)
	ema2=ema(ema1, length)
ma(s,l) => bt==false?ema(s,l):calc_zlema(s,l)
plot(ww!=50 and mm!=50 and ((ww>50 and mm>50) or (ww<50 and mm<50))?50:na, color=gray, style=linebr, title="Midline")
plot(seb?na:d, title="Histo", linewidth=2, color=dc, histbase=50, style=histogram) 
wwl=plot(ww, title="Oscillator", linewidth=1, color=red) 
mml=plot(mm, title="Signal", linewidth=1, color=green) 
fill(wwl,mml,red, transp=60, title="OscillatorSignal Fill")
basis = seb?sma(ww, lbb):na
dev = seb?mbb1 * stdev(ww, lbb):na
upper = seb?basis + dev:na
lower = seb?basis - dev:na
// Uncomment the next line to show BB midline
//plot(basis, color=#0066CC, title="Enclosing BB Mid") 
p1 = plot(seb?upper:na, color=gray, title="Enclosing BB Upper")
p2 = plot(seb?lower:na, color=gray, title="Enclosing BB Lower")
fill(p1,p2, gray, title="Enclosing BB Fill")
b_color = (ww > upper) ? red : (ww < lower) ? green : na
bgcolor(hbr ? b_color : na)
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Thank you very much Lazybear! This indicator made it through my benchmark with an "A". Firefly gives really good signals as you can see here:

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ChartArt ChartArt
ZeroLagEMA is very aggressive and distorting the signal too much:

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ChartArt ChartArt
Bitcoin could be at the bottom here in May 2015, if enough people feel the same way:

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LazyBear ChartArt
Better to wait for an uptick.
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LazyBear ChartArt
YW. Glad to hear it paused your tests :)

For quick entries/exits, make sure Double smoothing is OFF.
LazyBear LazyBear
* passed.

Damn autocorrect.
Some charts:

MSFT did a nice W:

EURUSD - osc doing a good runup:

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Hey lazybear, really good job on the indicator. Thank you for sharing :)
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LazyBear moneymaking
YW :)
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Thank you very much @LazyBear I am using this indicator in India.... Good job done.