Stochastique Divergences Indicator

I made a custom indicator.
Divergences with stochastique and price are really strong signals.

About the indicator
A bullish divergence happens when the stoch K makes a higher low and is depicted by a green triangle up.
A bearish divergence happens when the stoch K makes a lower high and is depicted by a red triangle down.

This script is the base for my next strategy that I should upload soon.

I will grant access (to this script and my others) to people willing to make a small donation.

Here is my BTC address : 19sVQvCDmVfEACq7BiMnWSMqFPZ8qfSQ2K
If you prefer ETH : 0xc8a5d3a63a05db0c2363ea1c08b37a01cce9ebfb
Send me a Private Message with the ID of the transaction

If you want to do some forward testing first, send me a message.

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nice !
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