[CS] HTF Candle Start Marker

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Hello Traders!

I was using this script personally and thought it may be helpful to others that trade much lower timeframes. This script is particularly useful for traders who monitor price movements across multiple timeframes or need to synchronize their strategies with the start of new candle open.


User-Selectable Timeframe: Users can select the desired timeframe for the candle start marker, ranging from 1 to 60 minutes.

Start-of-Period Visualization: The indicator works by highlighting the background color at the start of each new candle for the chosen timeframe. This visual cue is particularly helpful for identifying the commencement of new trading intervals on lower timeframe charts.

Intelligent Timeframe Adaptation: A unique feature of this indicator is its ability to disable the marking on charts where the selected timeframe is equal to or higher than the chart's current timeframe. This ensures that the marker is only active when it provides meaningful information, avoiding redundancy on higher timeframe charts.


This indicator is ideal for low time frame traders and those employing multi-timeframe analysis. It helps in quickly identifying the start of new time intervals. For example I trade the 15 second timeframe and mark the start of every 5 minute candle.
הערות שחרור:

In my haste, I realized I did not make the script easy to use for other traders. I have added quality of life user settings and a next candle marker. I hope everyone likes the update :).
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