MACD 50x Leveraged Strategy Real Equity Simulation

Noldo מעודכן   
Hello, I wrote this script to merge the two scripts I shared before.
The aim here is to see the real value of the state of the capital as a result of leveraged transactions and to combine both long and short directions.
Scripts :

MACD Long 50x Leverage Strategy :

MACD Short 50x Leverage Strategy :

The parameters have not changed so they are the same as the previous two scripts:

Adding margin: Forbidden or not specified. (Add Margin : No)

  • Position Size : %1 (0.01) (For each trade)
  • Stop-Loss : %2 (For each trade)
  • Long : Crossover(delta,0) (Standard MACD )
  • Long Exit : Long Stop Level or Short Entry
    (In the case of Long Stop, all trades are closed and no positions are opened in short direction.)
  • Short : Crossunder(delta,0) (Standard MACD )
  • Short Exit : Short Stop or Long Entry
    (In the case of Short Stop, all trades are closed and no positions are opened in the long direction.)

This is a simulation made using standard parameters, showing the state of the balance in very simple rules with leveraged transactions only.
The nice thing here is the direct observation of the results by making modifications on the strategy parameters.
הערות שחרור: Net capital bug fixed.
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