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Showing the Commitments of Traders (COT) report(*) for BITCOIN Positions - CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE (futures only) with COT charts on TradingView data.
* COT reports are released each Friday (except for U.S. holidays) by the CFTC.
* Each COT report release includes data from the previous Tuesday.
* Original data is

Data currently displayed are through April 12, 2022


You can switch the display for each of the following Positions:
  • Long
  • Short

You can switch the display for each of the following Categories:
  • Dealer
  • Asset manager
  • Leverage funds
  • Other reportable
  • Non reportable


This indicator allows you to see changes for each category within TradingView without having to refer directly to each report.
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use f_security function by
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