JMRT RSI Stock Divergence

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This oscillator organized by Four Line , control zone and Divergence Line

This oscillator has 4 lines and shows divergences

1- Heavy movement line
2- Slow movement line
3- Fast movement line
4- Stocke line

Oscillator areas include the following subdivisions

1- Neutral Zone between Fibo 38.2% & 61.8%
2- Bullish Control Zone
3- Bearish Control Zone
4- Divergence Line

there are three or four suggestions for finding tradable signals behind those parts.

In its simplest form, the fast line can be supported by slow and heavy lines in uptrends
Or in the downward trend, these lines act as a resistance for fast line

Following some rules can improve the quality of signals
1- Support that has occurred with divergence along with the process
2- If it is accompanied by a structure of different types of price action
3- And in which control area this happened is important. For example, in the neutral zone, signals against the trend can usually be of low quality

In the second method, the signals that are issued in the areas of change of the saturation trend of buying and selling
A change in the direction of the fast line in saturated areas can be accompanied by a confirmed divergence of a signal to change the current trend or correct the price.

The third theory is about the continuity of the current trend
When the fast line moves towards the neutral or descending area but the heavy slow line continues to move positively and upwards, it means that the movement can continue in the same flow and trend as it is. And vice versa

The stock line is suitable for times when the market is in place

Note: Fibonacci levels in line movement can act as support and resistance levels

The idea of ​​this oscillator is inspired by @mrhashem Borjas Tarh Momentum and Cyber Momentum
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