Yearly Monthly Vertical Lines [MsF]

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This indicator that draws vertical lines for each year and month starting from the specified date and time.

For example, starting from August 26th, 2022,
The annual vertical lines are Aug 26th, 2022, Aug 26th, 2021, Aug 26th, 2020, Aug 26th, 2019, Aug 26th, 2018, Aug 26th, 2017...

It is useful to check the action of the chart at the event of each year and month.

Since there is a limit to the Bar-Count that can be specified in the script language, depending on the chart period setting It may not be displayed.





הערות שחרור: Improved so that weekly and daily lines can also be drawn.
Enable "for Crypto" if you want to use it for cryptocurrencies.
It will be possible to draw a vertical line even on holidays.

なお、暗号通貨に使用する場合は「for Crypto」を有効にしてください。
הערות שחרור: Changed the sample chart to make it easier to understand.

הערות שחרור: -Improved so that you can select the day of the week when drawing lines for each day of the week.
-Fixed a bug that less drawing lines were drawn.



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