OHLC Break

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This indicator shows the Support and Resistance zones in a different way with Boxes that extend to the right and show the candle that has broken a minimum number of High or Low

The user has the possibility to:
- Choose to show High or Low levels not yet broken
- Shows candles that have broken a total of high or Low that you pre-set
- Choose to show a Box on candles that have broken the minimum of the preset levels
- Choose to show the total of broken levels with a Label on the candle

The indicator should be used as OHLC shows in its concepts, it can also be implemented to your Support and Resistance strategies, it can be implemented to Sessions strategies as in the Example

Below I show various examples on how to set the indicator for show High or Low levels not yet broken

If something is not clear, comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.
הערות שחרור:
Added the following functions:
-Possibility to change the color of the candles that respect the broken lines
-Possibility to change the line and color of the Boxes
-Added function to view sessions, with the possibility of viewing only today's sessions

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