Bitcoin 350DMA - The Golden Ratio Multiplier

The Bitcoin 350DMA - The Golden Ratio Multiplier is a daily based and long-term projection to reveal intracycle movements of Bitcoin price action. The trendlines are calculated a main 350-day moving average and scaling it with various fibonacci numbers. This approach originally belongs to Philip Swift (@PositiveCrypto) on medium, please read his article 'The Golden Ratio Multiplier'.

This indicator is free to use, and the code is hidden. Please share your interesting experience.

HikmetSezen @HikmetSezen58 on twitter .
הערות שחרור: update fib levels and colors
הערות שחרור: Typo corrections.

I am getting a lot msg about usage of this indicator. Here a short description about it:

Please click settings button of the indicator (gear figure), and figure out what you can change on parameters ie. length of moving averages (MA), type of MA, disable/enable and adding customized MA and Fibonacci lines, also color, shape and thickness of lines.

The Fib*13 and Fib*21 is disabled as default, but you can enable it from settings menu.

You can save your settings by clicking the 'Defaults' button at the left bottom side in the settings menu and choose 'Save As Default'.

Default Line color codes:
MA 350: red
MA 111: orange
fib*1.618 blue
fib*2: lime
fib*3: fuchsia
fib*5: aqua
fib*8: gray
fib*13: green
fib*21: purple
fib_costume: silver
fib/1.414: black
fi/161.618: olive
fib/2: burly wood
fib/2.414: dark grey
הערות שחרור: Some cosmetic improvements:
+ "MA 128" is added as a ribbon band with "MA 111" for a support line for bullish market cycles
+ "MA 700" is added as default
+ Area between two lowest bottom Fib lines is filled with gray color as a last support line for bearish market cycles

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