Pivot Points

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The Pivot Point indicator is designed to identify potential entry and exit points based on pivot points and manually tracks the average entry price and position size without executing actual trades, allowing for a visual simulation of pyramiding strategies.

Inputs for Customization:

i_leverage: User-defined leverage for trades.
i_takeProfit: Percentage for taking profit, adjusted by leverage.
i_dca: Percentage for dollar-cost averaging (DCA) when the price is a certain percentage below the entry, adjusted by leverage.
i_pivotFactor: Factor used to calculate the entry price from the pivot points.
i_pivotLength: The length of the lookback period to calculate the highest and lowest pivot points.

Usage Tips:

This indicator can be use by itself to provide entry and exit signals based on pivot points that will be generated from the provided `Pivot Factor`. An input of 1 will be the same as no factor.
This indicator can also be used as an input source for other indicators to facilitate other ideas.
הערות שחרור:
Add configurable lookback factor.
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