GC RSI Columns V2016

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This is a basic RSI indicator but in column format.I had been using this for a while and it gives a nice visual representation of trend change by changing color of the column.

Base line is 50 level. Anything above 50 is buy opportunity and below 50 is sell opportunity . Try it on higher time frames and see the results.

Example on chart above.

Note: i published it on demand. many folks were asking me for this ,since it(column rsi ) was not available in public indicators
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I am a Chart Slave.Thank you TradingView and @nmike.
Wonderful... just wanted to know if i can use it on my MT4 or its just on TV?
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@FXPRO_TREND_TRADER, its just for TV
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Thanks GCnaif. it is the regular RSI but in histogram format only?
al.calgary al.calgary
Ignore it. I had not read your text :)
Many thanks for this nice color!
Note: Please use it along with your other confirmation tool/s.
great!...if you go to indicators and click ,,,will it go to our charts?
GcNaif tony12000
@tony12000, Yes, i published it on demand. many folks were asking me for this ,since it was not available in public indicators
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