Revenue breakdown by country

Revenue breakdown by country shows the geographic distribution of revenue streams of the company. This indicator allows investors to understand the contribution of each market of the company's activity to the total revenue and understand the most important geographies of presence for the company. By using this indicator, we can make a choice in favour of geographically diversified companies or, on the contrary, represented only in one country.

Revenue breakdown by country can help investors assess the growth potential and risk exposure of a company. For example, a company that relies heavily on one country or region may face more volatility and uncertainty due to political, economic, or social factors that affect that market. On the other hand, a company that has a balanced and diversified revenue mix may be more resilient and adaptable to changing customer preferences and demand across different regions.

Revenue breakdown by country can also help investors compare different companies within the same industry or sector. For example, we can compare Microsoft's revenue breakdown by country with that of its competitors, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, or Facebook. By doing so, we can see how each company performs in different markets and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Revenue breakdown by country is an important indicator that can provide valuable insights into a company's business model, strategy, and performance. By analysing this indicator, investors can make more informed decisions about investing in a company or sector.