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Trying to Figure out how's diamond pattern working here,the price action should be the range between low to high=75 dollars-1295
עסקה פעילה: we have a nice break weekly
עסקה פעילה: might retest 1243-1246
עסקה פעילה:
עסקה פעילה: we are cool, im 80% sure wednesday will explode
עסקה פעילה: 1238 our SL
עסקה פעילה: 20$ dollar flag from 1260-1280
עסקה פעילה: 1295 is our goal! keep hold
עסקה פעילה: Keep Hold for the breach, 50% Out
עסקה סגורה: היעד הושג: SOLD EVERYTHING,will buy again on the breach


awsome trade good luck
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Yamit2000 ozmalach18
@ozmalach18, yeah, Without a doubt it is the best.