Relative Price Volume

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Relative Price Volume is an indicator which shows anomalies between price and volume on a chart over a given period. The goal is to identify potential reversal and/consolidation areas for price as it relates to volume. It is a simple variation of a Volume at Price indicators. It can also be used to mark potential support and resistance lines on the chart as the areas it signals is where the price battles are waged.

  • Period = length for which to calculate average candle body and average volume
  • Long Factor = relative size multiplier to determine if a candle is larger than average or if volume is higher than average
  • Short Factor = relative size multiplier to determine if a candle is smaller than average or if volume is lower than average

Anomaly Conditions
1. If a candle is larger than average and volume is lower than average, then this is an anomaly, and we should be on alert for a change in momentum.
2. if a candle is smaller than average and volume is higher than average, then this too is an anomaly and should put us on alert.

The indicator will draw a cross on the chart indicating the candle is that is flashing the warning that the run is done and a potential consolidation and/or reversal is pending. Used in conjunction with support and resistance levels this could signal a time to enter or exit a trade.

The default size factors considers a candle or volume:
1. Larger than average if it is 60% or more (.6) larger than average.
2. Smaller than average if it is 40% or less (.4) smaller than average.

Hope this helps! Happy trading!
הערות שחרור:
Simplified the size factor. The size factor of .1 means 10% above or below the average candle to trigger the anomaly.

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