Bollinger Bands Stochastic RSI Extreme Signal

This is the finalized code released to the public that I created in a video linked here.

This indicators combines a Bollinger Band and Stochastic RSI to produce signals for possible price reversal. The signals are displayed by default as green arrows for bullish and red arrows for bearish .

To trigger a signal the indicator checks for the following:

( Bullish )

( Bearish )

הערות שחרור: Added alert functionality
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This indicator only works proper only on Weekly time frame.
cool, thanks
btw-it says Upper Limit 2 times under Input in Settings
Great work! Thanks. Very helpful!
I converted your indicator to a strategy and tried trading the E-Mini S&P 500 1 second chart today and made $1300. You can convert it using code below simply paste it at bottom below alerts and change study to strategy.
TradingSafely TradingSafely
tradingtimes = input('0000-0000', type=input.session, title="Defined Trading Hours")

timeinrange(res, sess) =>
not na(time(res, sess))
trade_period2 = timeinrange("1", tradingtimes)

bgcolor(trade_period2 ? #0aaf5b : na, title="Session Background")

longCondition = time(timeframe.period, tradingtimes) != 0
longCondition1 = Bull
if (longCondition and longCondition1)
strategy.entry("BUY", strategy.long)

shortCondition = time(timeframe.period,tradingtimes) != 0
shortCondition1 = Bear
if (shortCondition and shortCondition1)
strategy.entry("SELL", strategy.short)
TradingSafely TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, pyramiding set to 7 I was trading the Micro E-Mini not the E-mini
productbuyer0 TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, Is there a script for a STRATEGY for these signals? I see the changes you made to convert it from signals to strategy, but I'm not completely sure how to make the changes myself in the script. Sure, I know about the code, but just want to be certain it's been changed based on what has been working for you. Thanks for any help you can give. Scott
TradingSafely productbuyer0
@productbuyer0, on line 2 change study to strategy then copy and paste my code on line 54. Hope this helps.
FarhatBmdhj TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, line 64: Mismatched input 'strategy.entry' expecting 'end of line without line continuation'. Why is there an error? Please help. Followed what you mentioned.
norok FarhatBmdhj
@FarhatBmdhj, double check that you copied his code correctly