Moving Average Directional Index

MADX is ADX-inspired indicator with moving averages that determines strength of a trend, as well as its direction. Indicator works following:
As the value of MADX increases, so does the strength of a trend
If MADX+ ( green line - bullish MADX ) crosses above MADX- ( red line - bearish MADX ) we consider trend as bullish and vice versa..
There will be situations where MADX- and MADX+ cross multiple times in a short period of time -> that will mean that market indecision is happening and big move will most likely happen after it.
For the calculation of MADX+ and MADX- we need Moving Averages or Exponential Moving Averages with three specific sources ( high, close, low ).
Now, the calculation of each MADX will differ
=> for MADX+: Moving Average (high) / Moving Average (close)
=> for MADX-: Moving Average (close) / Moving Average (low)
Length of Moving Average is editable.
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