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🌊📈 Dive into the depths of market liquidity with "Liquidation Levels with Liquidity Sweeps/Breakouts" - your ultimate tool for navigating the turbulent waters of trading! 🧹💹 Crafted by the wizards at AlgoAlpha, this Pine Script™ masterpiece illuminates the unseen liquidity levels and sweeps, guiding you through the financial seas with insight. 🚀🔍

Key Features:
  • 🕒 Timeframe Flexibility: Customize your analysis with a TimeFrame Multiplier, allowing the indicator to operate on higher timeframes for broader market insight.
  • 💥 Dynamic Volume Threshold: Set your sensitivity to breakouts with the High Volume Threshold, ensuring you catch significant market movements while avoiding fakeouts.
  • 👀 Visibility Controls: Toggle the display of swept liquidity and highlight liquidity breakouts with customizable background colors for clear, actionable insights.
  • 🎨 Custom Appearance: Personalize your chart with bullish, bearish, and breakout colors to match your trading style.

How to Use the Liquidity Levels with Liquidation Sweeps Indicator:

Maximize your trading efficiency with the Liquidity Levels with Liquidation Sweeps Indicator by following these simple steps! 🚀🌟

  1. ⚙️ Customize Settings: Access the indicator settings to personalize the TimeFrame Multiplier, High Volume Threshold, and Relative Volume Period. Tailor these settings to match your trading strategy and chart preferences.

  2. 👁️ Analyze Liquidity Levels: Monitor the chart for liquidity levels and sweeps. Bullish sweeps are marked with green labels, bearish sweeps with red, and breakouts highlighted by the chart background.

  3. 🔔 Set Alerts: Enable alert conditions for liquidity breakouts and sweeps within the indicator's settings. This feature allows you to receive real-time notifications, helping you to act promptly on trading opportunities.

How It Works:
The heart of this indicator lies in its ability to track and highlight liquidity levels derived from swing pivots, and sweeps across multiple timeframes. By calculating relative volume against a user-defined threshold, it identifies strong volume movements indicative of liquidity breakouts, this helps filter out fake-outs. When a liquidity level is breached but not completely mitigated, it's either marked as a bullish or bearish sweep, which come with the option to show an estimate of the number of liquidations during the sweep.

if peakform and peakprinted != 1
    aR.push(, h.get(1), bar_index+1, h.get(1), color = red))
    peakprinted := 1

if valleyform and valleyprinted != 1
    aS.push(, l.get(1), bar_index+1, l.get(1), color = green))
    valleyprinted := 1
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Added option to remove mitigated levels from chart.

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