PineScript v4 - Forex Pin-Bar Trading Strategy

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PineScript v4, forex trading robot based on the commonly used bullish / bearish pin-bar piercing the moving averages strategy.

I coded this robot to stress-test the PineScript v4 language to see how advanced it is, and whether I could port a forex trading strategy from MT4 to TradingView.

In my opinion, PineScript v4 is still not a professional coding language; for example you cannot use IF-statements to modify the contents of global variables; this makes complex robot behaviour difficult to implement. In addition, it is unclear if the programmer can use nested IF-ELSE, or nested FOR within IF.

The sequence of program execution is also unclear, and although complex order entry and exit appears to function properly, I am not completely comfortable with it.

Recommended Chart Settings:

Asset Class: Forex
Time Frame: H1

Long Entry Conditions:

a) Moving Average up trend, fast crosses above slow
b) Presence of a Bullish Pin Bar
c) Pin Bar pierces either Moving Average
d) Moving Averages must be sloping up, angle threshold (optional)

Short Entry Conditions:

a) Moving Average down trend, fast crosses below slow
b) Presence of a Bearish Pin Bar
c) Pin Bar pierces either Moving Average
d) Moving Averages must be sloping down, angle threshold (optional)

Exit Conditions:
a) Stoploss level is hit
b) Takeprofit level is hit
c) Moving Averages cross-back (optional)

Default Robot Settings:

Equity Risk (%): 3 //how much account balance to risk per trade
Stop Loss (x*ATR, Float): 2.1 //stoploss = x * ATR, you can change x
Risk : Reward (1 : x*SL, Float): 3.1 //takeprofit = x * stop_loss_distance, you can change x
Fast MA (Period): 20 //fast moving average period
Slow MA (Period): 50 //slow moving average period
ATR (Period): 14 // average true range period
Use MA Slope (Boolean): true //toggle the requirement of the moving average slope
Bull Slope Angle ( Deg ): 1 //angle above which, moving average is considered to be sloping up
Bear Slope Angle ( Deg ): -1 //angle below which, moving average is considered to be sloping down
Exit When MA Re-Cross (Boolean): true //toggle, close trade if moving average crosses back
Cancel Entry After X Bars (Period): 3 //cancel the order after x bars not triggered, you can change x

Backtest Results (2019 to 2020, H1, Default Settings):

EURJPY - 111% profit, 2.631 profit factor, 16.43% drawdown
EURUSD - 103% profit, 2.899 profit factor, 14.95% drawdown
EURAUD - 76.75% profit, 1.8 profit factor, 17.99% drawdown
NZDUSD - 64.62% profit, 1.727 profit factor, 19.14% drawdown
GBPUSD - 58.73% profit, 1.663 profit factor, 15.44% downdown
AUDJPY - 48.71% profit, 1.635 profit factor, 11.81% drawdown
USDCHF - 30.72% profit, 1.36 profit factor, 22.63% drawdown
AUDUSD - 8.54% profit, 1.092 profit factor, 19.86% drawdown
EURGBP - 0.03% profit, 1.0 profit factor, 29.66% drawdown
USDJPY - 1.96% loss, 0.972 profit factor, 28.37% drawdown
USDCAD - 6.36% loss, 0.891 profit factor, 21.14% drawdown
GBPJPY - 28.27% loss, 0.461 profit factor, 39.13% drawdown

To reduce the possibility of curve-fitting, this robot was backtested on 12 popular forex currencies, as shown above. The robot was profitable on 8 out of 12 currencies, breakeven on 1, and made a loss on 3.

The default robot settings could be over-fitting for the EUR, as we can see out-sized performance for the EUR pairs, with the exception of the EURGBP . We can see that GBPJPY made the largest loss, so these two pairs could be related.

Risk Warning:

This is a forex trading strategy that involves high risk of equity loss, and backtest performance will not equal future results. You agree to use this script at your own risk.
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