ADR % Ranges

This indicator is designed to visually represent percentage lines from the open of the day. The % amount is determined by X amount of the last days to create an average...or Average Daily Range (ADR).

1. ADR Percentage Lines: The core function of the script is to apply lines to the chart that represent specific percentage changes from the daily open. It first calculates the average over X amount of days and then displays two lines that are 1/3rd of that average. One line goes above the other line goes below. The other two lines are the full "range" of the average. These lines can act as boundaries or targets to know how an asset has moved recently. *Past performance is not indicative of current or future results.

The calculation for ADR is:
Step 1. Calculate Today's Range = DailyHigh - DailyLow
Step 2. Store this average after the day has completed
Step 3. Sum all day's ranges
Step 4. Divide by total number of days
Step 5. Draw on chart

2. Customizable Inputs: Users have the flexibility to customize the script through various inputs. This includes the option to display lines only for the current trading day (`todayonly`), and to select which lines are displayed. The user can also opt to show a table the displays the total range of previous days and the average range of those previous days.

3. No Secondary Timeframe: The ADR is computed based on whatever timeframe the chart is and does not reference secondary periods. Therefore the script cannot be used on charts greater than daily.

This script is can be used by all traders for any market. The trader might have to adjust the "X" number of days back to compute a historical average. Maybe they only want to know the average over the past week (5 days) or maybe the past month (20 days).
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